Microwave Devices

Course Description: Review wave equations then studying waveguides and striplines , students should learn network analysis based on ABCD matrices as well as S,Z and Y matrices , second part of the course related to passive micorwave circuits such as resonators , couplers and filters , last part of the course related to active micorwave circuit elements

Course Objectives:

1-Learn How to analysis basic waveguids

2-Learn different types of network analysis

3-Learn different types of microwave components

Course Outline by Topical Areas:

Electromagnetic and plane waves review

Rectangular and Cylindrical waveguides

Microstrip and stripline

Microwave Network analysis (Z, Y, S, ABCD matrices)

Microwave resonators (cavities, dielectric)

Misc. components (attenuators, terminations)


Active Microwave elements


course work=40% of total course marks as following

30% first midterm exam

30% second midterm exam

10% Quiz

20% Sheets

10% attendance

**final exam 60% of total grade


"Microwave Engineering" David M.Pozar 4th edition

Problems required(sheets)

ch3: 2,4,5,19,20



ch7: will be from collin (examples)

ch8: similar to examples